For long-standing quality radio production in factual programming and analysis of issues and events - by the British Broadcasting Corporation's World Service.
For local radio services by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation - especially during emergency situations such as bush fires, floods and storms.
For insightful, satirical presentations by John Clarke and Bryan Dawe, on the 7.30 Report  television current affairs programme, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
For volunteers broadcasting readings of printed information to help people experiencing difficulties with literacy or vision. Radio for the Print Handicapped, 1197AM, Adelaide, South Australia.


Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy


For the Global Village, television programme showing ways of life around the world. Pleasantly narrated and hosted by Silvio Rivier. These short documentaries on Australia's Special Broadcasting Service are mainly from French and German productions.
For The New Inventors, Australian Broadcasting Corporation television series with critical, compassionate and creative approaches to meeting people's material and emotional needs. A cheerful host, James O'Loughlin.
For the Music Show, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National series providing insights into the diversity of musical tastes, forms, talents and influences. Excellent interviews by Andrew Ford.
For  Britain AD - first broadcast on Channel Four Television, United Kingdom.  Documentary series highlighting the need to re-examine traditional interpretations of history. Presented by Francis Pryor
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