The Global Conversation and Views on Humanity Project

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The project began the global conversation in early 2003, by asking some important questions:

How have views on humanity changed over time? 

What is the relationship between time and humanity?
How do different cultures view humanity? 

How do different ideologies shape views on humanity?

What are the political implications of ideology?
What does it mean to be human?

What does it mean to have a true sense of humanity?

(Yes, these are very big questions!)
How do people respond to such questions?

What are their intellectual responses?

What are their emotional responses?

How do they behave?
Do certain types of people think about humanity in particular ways? 

What are the effects of social institutions on people's views? 

Who began the project?
*How is it progressing?
*What does it aim
to achieve?
What is the
latest news?

Where is the support?
*When will it be completed?
Art, not
just science!

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