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wisdom, compassion and peace

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democracy, education, cultural diversity,
environmental health, and the alleviation of needs.

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Appreciating the journey
Whenever you feel overloaded with information, problems or things to do, a little relief might be found by clicking a link on or near a little picture like the one below:

If your mind ever feels cluttered and confused, bombarded with sensory stimuli, and fraught with the stresses of a challenging schedule, the image presented here provides access to a calm and restful space. 

Encountering self-expression

As you explore Considerate Awareness Magazine, you will encounter an international essay competition. 

The competition has the aim of encouraging you to express yourself by writing about your own understanding of considerate awareness and considerate democracy. 

Would you like to know more about this competition, and find out how you can become an entrant (there are no age, nationality or educational restrictions), and/or a judge - and about prizes?

Explore Considerate Awareness Magazine to find out more - and write for the future.

Enjoying a thoughtful life
By travelling down this page, you may be expressing an interest in travelling at the speed of life and even Travelling at the Speed of Life.

If you have already read Travelling at the Speed of Life, a book by the editor of Considerate Awareness Magazine, you will know that understanding is a central feature of the philosophical journey you are invited to take here, and there, and in your experiences and explorations of life.

Seeking out useful resources

As well as an independent reference library of very useful books, magazines and other published documents, the editor of Considerate Awareness Magazine maintains a private archive, mainly on the topic of considerate democracy. 

The library and archive have been developing in a methodical way since 1999, and more informally for much longer than that.  Do you have something to contribute to the library and/or the archive?  If so, please contact C A Maggi today.  You will learn more about the library and archive as you explore this online magazine.

Encountering considerate thinking

The Humanity Media Awards, sponsored and supported through Considerate Awareness Magazine, recognise aspects of considerate democracy that are reflected through various types of media.

Would you like to know more about these awards and discover how you can make nominations?  Media winners can come from anywhere.  They may be broadcast, print, online, established or new, marginal, macro, micro, mainstream, specialist, social, commercial, not-for-profit, or whatever else might be appropriately defined as media.

Explore Considerate Awareness Magazine to find out how to make nominations - and to have your say about past winners, too.

Exploring considerate communications
On the editorial page of Considerate Awareness Magazine, you can read about a few aspects of C A Maggi's communications preferences. 

Everyone has communications preferences.  Most individuals (and the groups and organisations to which they belong) also have communications preferences and even policies - even if those people are sometimes unaware of the fact.  Even when policies are stated, they are sometimes applied haphazardly in practice.  Would you agree?

*Insightful communication
(this link requires a password)

Becoming a special correspondent

If any of the ideas expressed within Considerate Awareness Magazine interest you, then you are most welcome to become a special correspondent.  It is part of a process the editor calls "mutual mentoring". 

All special correspondents have read Travelling at the Speed of Life, and have written a brief summary and review of the book (whether published or unpublished).

(this link requires a password)

* Possibilities for special correspondents
(this link requires a password)

Participating in the global conversation
Many people really enjoy participating in the global conversation about considerate awareness, considerate democracy and the true meaning of humanity.  They often find it a refreshing change from the shallow small-talk of everyday chatter and the harsh competition of debates. 

You will learn more about the global conversation as you explore Considerate Awareness Magazine.

Preparing to delve more deeply
into a culture of consideration

You will now be quite familiar with some ideas about a culture of consideration, and how the topic is approached through Considerate Awareness Magazine.

Whether you see yourself as an ordinary private citizen,
a thoughtful business person, an educator, researcher, writer...

...homemaker, parent, policy analyst, journalist,
artist, volunteer, carer, philanthropist,
social entrepreneur, non-ideological politician...

...or maybe all or none of the above,
you will probably find that
Considerate Awareness Magazine

has something for you.

As you delve further, you will be exploring a wide range of ideas about democracy, education, cultural diversity, environmental health, and the alleviation of needs.  In the meantime, please enjoy following this gentle scroll to its conclusion.

wisdom, compassion and peace

Mutual understanding, respect and appreciation


*Understanding truth
*Understanding motives
*Understanding thoughts
Book *Understanding needs

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