How to use this website for

study, teaching or training purposes

by C A Maggi

(copyright holder)

Some suggestions for stage one - self-directed learning

1. Thoroughly read through the main public pages here, beginning with the home page.

2. Participate in the interactive opportunities offered.

3. After reading my book called Travelling at the Speed of Life, and participating for a while in the global conversation, apply to become a special correspondent.

4. Request a no-cost, open-access travel password when you feel ready to begin stage two of the course about considerate democracy.

Some suggestions for stage one - supported training and assistance

The free online material you have been reading here is supplemented by several fee-based educational resources.   To gain access to these, please first complete stage one (see suggestions above).
Structured training is not usually provided at this first level.  The pages of Considerate Awareness Magazine will be revisited during stage two, when fee-based training begins.  In the meantime, you are welcome to ask questions.

Do you still feel as though you would like to have a more structured introduction before beginning stage two?

Have you completed at least two hours of reading and reflecting on this website each week over twelve weeks?

Have you gained some experience of the global conversation, both online and in the everyday world, for at least three months?

Have you read Travelling at the Speed of Life in a reflective way, at least twice?

If you have answered "yes" to all these questions, just send a letter, briefly stating your current level of knowledge about considerate democracy, and provide an indication of your possible educational requirements.

Alternatively, you are welcome to request my consultancy services.


Please notify me about any unregistered person, whether paid or unpaid, who uses this website as a tool while providing a service.  Your consideration will assist me to continue my work, so thank you.

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