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This page introduces some of my policies in relation to privacy.  In a busy, complex world, privacy allows individuals to refresh themselves and make the most of life.  This online magazine respects your privacy, and that of all contributors.

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The mutual benefits of privacy

People who respect my right to, and need for, privacy will always be welcome to contact me, if they follow the guidelines outlined on this website's home page, on this privacy page, and elsewhere in Considerate Awareness Magazine.  I will then respond to those people, as appropriate, in a courteous and timely manner, endeavouring to meet their needs to the best of my ability.

Privacy and the media

Considerately democratic media personnel are welcome to contact me in writing, though much of the information that I wish to make public is already available through the main public pages of this website.  The most useful introductory page for busy media people might be the news page

I would appreciate knowing beforehand when information about my work is to be published or broadcast by others.  You can receive an automatic one-off email about my media policy by following the links on the email page.

Privacy and confidentiality

I would like to be informed before something about me is to be put in any sort of database, and/or when some aspect of my work or life is to be made available online or elsewhere.  This request is always reciprocated.  I never give out personal details without permission.

No-one's personal details are disclosed by me to anyone, in any format, unless permission to do so has been provided by that person in writing (by signed, dated letter).  This applies in all cases, unless I am referring to material that has already been responsibly published elsewhere. 

I do not keep any personal information about my correspondents in any electronic form that can be accessed through the Internet.  Nor do I have a mailing list of any kind. 

Privacy and communication

When people contact me by post or email, no matter how well we may think we know each other, I respect their privacy. 

If I send a letter or email message, it is usually in response to one that I have received, or it is directly relevant to the work of the person concerned.

And if I wish to inform anyone about what I am doing, I may send an email message if the recipient's professional or amateur interests coincide with my own. 

Privacy and archiving

The archive I am developing will never be available to the general public.  It will only be opened on a restricted basis, from 2025 onwards, mainly for approved historians and other relevant researchers.  Explore this website to learn more about the archive.

Privacy and trust

Trust is a two-way process.  In most cases, I prefer to communicate by email as I find this to be the most satisfactory way to access, compare and analyse small amounts of information within a limited amount of time.  I prefer letters for longer correspondence.

A busy schedule and my own need for privacy are just two of the reasons why I often avoid being available by telephone or in person.  Any personal details about myself that I wish to share with others in a public or communal way are provided in my book, in my blog, and within the main pages of this website (not including those requiring a password).

I do not participate in online chatrooms and most social networking websites.  Most of my online contact is with people who have initiated contacted with me, though I have been using Twitter since the end of May 2010.

Privacy and passwords

The way people communicate with me provides the basis for deciding whether to offer them the opportunity to visit the password-protected areas of this website.

Any personal information about myself that I may disclose in private correspondence, on paper or online, or in conversation, or via a password-protected web page, is to be treated as confidential by the recipient, in all cases, especially as this will reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Privacy and publicity

You will have noticed here that privacy has a positive impact on the productivity of a writer and publisher whose products are often eventually made public.  There is a difference, however, between being a publisher and being a publicist.  The latter role is incompatible with my temperament.

You are welcome to take on an unpaid publicity role for this online magazine and my book, and for any other aspect of my work, as long as you agree to accept my policies and let me know about your efforts (preferably in advance).

Results of privacy

Through the implementation of this privacy policy, I aim to build mutual understanding, respect and appreciation between people.  I also hope that the policy will help me to maintain my creativity and productivity so that I may more effectively support the development of considerate democracy. 

My work will continue as long as this policy is respected.

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