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Participate in a free and friendly online book club, wherever you may be in the world.  Begin by sending your own brief summary and (short or long) review of Travelling at the Speed of Life (preferably on paper) to the author/publisher.

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It is not even necessary to purchase a copy of Travelling at the Speed of Life to participate in the book club.  Just borrow one through your local library if that is your preference.

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You might just be curious about Travelling at the Speed of Life and want to peruse it at your leisure.  If so, ask your favourite bookseller to assist you in finding a copy.  Alternatively, support C A Maggi's publishing and research work directly by participating in an occasional fundraising online auction.

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Just like anyone else, retail booksellers, book wholesalers and library suppliers can have free membership of the book club for its special discounts and promotions.  Begin by ordering a copy of Travelling at the Speed of Life.

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