Considerate Awareness Magazine


Is it possible for humans to have a universally applicable, fair, healthy and realistic approach to social, political and economic life?

If it is possible, what do we need to do for such an approach to be successful?

What is success?  Can a successful society be accurately defined and measured?

What are the legislative, judicial and interpersonal features of a considerate, successful society?

How should an education for living in such a society be structured?  What should be its content?

Who should answer these questions?


Reviewing this website.

Reflecting on the meaning of humanity and consideration.

Requesting a copy of the editor's media policy.

Respecting the editor's privacy policy.

Remembering to ask questions, offer ideas and seek assistance.

Recognising the importance of considerate awareness.


The Global Conversation is an invitation to discuss views on humanity and explore possibilities for a considerate and democratic approach to living in the world.

The Global Perpetual Festival of Literacy and Understanding is an invitation to identify, support, enjoy and promote relevant events and activities. 

The International Essay Competition about Considerate Democracy is an invitation to express ideas and experiences.

The Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy are an invitation to make nominations.


Consulting individuals, groups and organisations seeking considerate, democratic policies, practices and processes.

Training people who use this website as an educational tool.

Mentoring on the basis of mutual or unilateral support.

Writing about considerate awareness.

Networking through this website and the wider world.
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