Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy

Some more comments from C A Maggi

Why is it of any benefit to win one of these awards?

If you have won one of the virtual Humanity Media Awards, you may have been wondering what happens next.  There have been no ceremonies to attend, no direct material or monetary benefits, no grand dinners and speeches to attend (or endure, if you are a person who dislikes crowds), nor even any florid letters of congratulations from the sponsor.

The most that any winner is likely to receive as a prize is a brief mention on a page or two of Considerate Awareness Magazine.  I might send an email message to a winner whose address is easy to find.  Many winners may not even know that they have won a Humanity Media Award, unless through other sources.

Is there any ongoing importance in being a winner?

The answer is possibly yes.  Another difference between these awards and other ones, even the most prestigious, is that participants in the global conversation are entitled to dispute the reasons for previous winners being awarded a Humanity Media Award for Considerate Democracy. 

Participants may do so, however, only on the basis of accurate comparison, explaining why others are more worthy of winning.  Learn more about the global conversation here.

Is establishing and administering the awards a time-consuming process?

However humble or worthless you may believe these awards to be, it takes a considerable amount of time, and a lot of effort, to reach the announcement stage on an annual basis.  All of this is done for no payment to the administrators or judges.

How do you celebrate considerate free speech?

The awards are also part of a global perpetual festival of literacy and understanding.  There is a deliberate lack of official status for both the awards and the festival - just as with the global conversation. 

Officialdom and bureaucracy often stifle creativity and good thinking, which is why Considerate Awareness Magazine mainly celebrates the achievements of independent, considerate minds.

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