Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy

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What are the Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy?

In 2006, I established these virtual awards as someone who rarely watches television, hardly ever listens to the radio, only occasionally reads a newspaper, and finds that much online media is either incredibly shallow (seeing "news" as entertainment and vice versa) or unpleasantly distressing (highlighting the worst of humanity and ignoring the best). 

Intelligent magazines and academic journals are expensive for an ordinary person to buy on a regular basis.  Many magazines are usually filled mainly with advertisements.  Academic journals are often filled with articles about very narrow fields of interest and are written in jargon that is only decipherable by specialists. 

I prefer books for most of my understanding of the world, so why are the Humanity Media Awards of any importance?  I'll let you be the judge, in more ways that one.

Who votes?

The Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy are important mainly because of who is entitled to vote.  The nomination process is not the preserve of only a select few media insiders and academic commentators.  Nor are the awards a trivial expression of fleeting popularity by an overly-emotional mass audience.

Anyone who has the capacity to reflect on issues, and has a logical basis to their reasoning, is eligible to make nominations.  Individuals, not organisations, can nominate any person, organisation, production, programme or publication for an award.

What is the media?

The definition of media used for the awards is very broad.  The main criterion is that there must be an intended public audience for the work, however large or small that audience may be.

Why is it of any benefit to win one of these awards?

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