Reflecting On Possibilities

C A Maggi

How well do you understand yourself?

Caring, intelligent people have often had very busy lives in recent years, with many competing priorities and sources of motivation.  Even so, facing and overcoming the challenges of life requires some time and thought.  This means that quieter times are opportunities for reflection and planning. 

We need to identify the right questions before we can attempt to solve the problems we observe in the world.  Through this online magazine, you can explore, think about and perhaps even write about quite a lot of important questions, especially questions about the art of consideration and a culture of consideration.

Learning and well being are often enhanced through a quiet, relaxing process of reflective, lifelong learning and well-informed reading. Thinking and writing usually need time, not money, which is one of the reasons why this magazine invites you (and everyone you know, and don't know) to take the time to think about and express your own views, including your views on humanity, and your thoughts about our common future, wherever you may be on the planet.

Is understanding your greatest gift?

Is your life enjoyable, peaceful and productive?

The news media can often contribute to the perception that we are powerless to change anything.  Even with the global economic downturn and world financial crisis/crises, the possible dangers of global warming, an unpredictable influenza pandemic, and the widespread incidence of unpleasant, life-diminishing, violent, coercive and authoritarian behaviour...

...it is important to take the time now to participate - enjoyably, peacefully and productively - in shaping the future.

What is a considerately democratic approach to life?

How might you contribute to a better approach to governance, in all sectors of societies and states, encourage more peaceful human behaviour, and help to improve policy and democracy along the way? 

Don't worry if you are unsure about how to approach such a big question.  You can explore Considerate Awareness Magazine, discovering your own answers and identifying your choices at your own pace.

Go travelling at the speed of life

How will you make the most of your time here?

Without the information in this editorial, you might find it quite difficult to understand and find your way around the other pages here.  Identify the linear link path to keep yourself on track.  It is usually quite easy to locate.

Teaching and coaching

To teach in any way, using this online magazine, requires completion of a process of assessment and licensing.  This applies just as much to home users as to academic, government, community and business users.

Further into your journey, you will learn more about what is involved and why assessment and licensing are important.  In the meantime, just relax, enjoy this gentle scroll and reflect upon your own thinking.

Most of the magazine's pages should download quickly as there are very few graphics here (though I hope you like the ones I have created for you).  There are no videos, sounds or spectacular effects either, especially as I like to assist dial-up modem users and people with modest telecommunications budgets.

A friendly approach to politics - and life

How will you interact with this magazine?

Even if you have only taken the journey from the home page to this editorial page (an achievement in itself) and you are yet to see the rest of the magazine, please consider sending a brief greeting, perhaps just to say a friendly "hello".  It would be very nice if you would introduce yourself.

It would be even more wonderful to hear from you if you have some ideas about how I could improve Considerate Awareness Magazine.  There are plenty of other reasons to contact me and these are outlined further down this page (and further up the page, too).

You can even ask me more than a few questions.  I enjoy receiving questions.  And you are especially welcome to send responses to any I have asked.

You are also welcome to provide free editiorial assistance by sending an email with any improvements you would suggest. Several pages of the magazine link to the main contact page.

You may also like to make a note of the easy web address for the home page - camaggi.com.

What does it mean to be human?

How do you support your own learning and well being?

A culture of consideration is something that applies in practice, not just in theory.  This is an important aspect of the philosophical journey we can each take towards considerate awareness. 

In my own life, I enjoy encouraging people to develop a deeper understanding through an informed approach to planning. 

In view of this, I currently allow visitors to save a copy of the magazine's home page for their own private study purposes, in a personal home computer, for up to 30 days.  This may especially assist people whose Internet contracts include time restrictions.

Other html pages of Considerate Awareness Magazine, including this one, should not be copied, especially as the content changes very frequently.  I like to edit my writings as often as possible, not only to ensure their accuracy, but also to maintain the informed interest of the magazine's many regular visitors.

Can you see why this is part of considerate awareness?

How do you work towards a wonderful future?

The relationship between you and the words you are now scrolling through may contribute towards shaping a wonderful future.  This online magazine is, after all, about a peaceful and pleasant culture of consideration, and especially about the most important part:

Considerate democracy

Would you like to know more about considerate democracy and discover how and why it is potentially the fairest and most inclusive way for humans to meet their needs?

Do you believe that considerate democracy could be the most important human achievement?

What is your relationship with time?

How would you use information from
Considerate Awareness Magazine
in a media or academic context?

I usually point enquirers in the direction of this magazine if they have any questions about my own ideas, initiatives and activities.  You are also welcome to contact me by letter or email if you are unable to find the answers you seek on your journeys here, whether you are a member of the media, an academic visitor, a corporate client, a sponsor, or a member of the general public.

Please note that my copyright remains throughout this website and that I would appreciate knowing in advance when my ideas, activities and literary output are to be the subject of public discussion or critique.  Is that reasonable?

I also write a blog and there are a few links to it throughout Considerate Awareness Magazine.  Please leave a comment or two on the blog if you drop by as it is where you can interact most directly with my writings.

My work is not associated with any organisation whatsoever - I'm completely independent.  The work of other contributors to this magazine is only available through external links. The content of those pages will often be subject to changes beyond my control so please contact individual authors directly.

Considerate democracy supports health, happiness and hope

How will you find your way around
Considerate Awareness Magazine?

Allow your own self-awareness to map out a route that is right for you.  If you feel at all tired or overwhelmed or distracted, it is much better to pause than continue.  You will usually find a link back to the home page from the other pages of the magazine.

By completely reading through a page of before visiting any of its
links, you may enhance your understanding of my words, and of
your own mind.  If you are in a hurry, or you have visited many times before, the link structure here may help you to make the most of your time, online and in life.

How do you think and why do you think as you do?

How open is your mind?

How will you contact me
about topics you find interesting?

A comprehensive email page gives details about how to send messages on particular topics.  Some of the email responses you can receive in return include one-off, requested, automatically-generated messages as these save a great deal of time on my part yet the contents are intended to answer your questions accurately. 

Your name and contact details will always remain private when you write unless you make a specific request to the contrary.  There are several links to my privacy policy, including from this page.

The magazine does not have any mailing lists either.  If you want to stay in contact, the initiative will be all your own.  I'm looking forward to hearing your views.

If you have been reading a copy of my limited-edition book, Travelling at the Speed of Life, please quote its unique number, preferably after your name/signature, on all letters and email messages, and on the back of envelopes.  Thank you.

Take time to reflect

How will you know that you have understood
the content of this magazine?

Most contributors to the magazine have read Travelling at the Speed of Life, so just ask at your local library or bookshop if you wish to locate a copy of my book.  As I own the worldwide publication and distribution rights, any helpful librarian or bookshop proprietor should be able assist you, wherever you may be.  There is usually no harm in asking for assistance.

My hope is that my own writings, in whatever form, will encourage you, and the people you know (and don't know), to reflect on the thoughts and actions of yourselves, each other, and others - in a wide variety of ways.

If you have been reading my book, you will know that I like to examine ideas from a wide range of perspectives - though I would not want that to scare anyone.  How do you examine ideas and ponder over their worth?  How does your thinking help you to plan and implement your objectives?  How do you turn daydreams into reality?

How deep are your thoughts?

How might you be part of something wonderful?

This online magazine is just a small contribution to considerate awareness, considerate democracy, and to a global perpetual festival of literacy and understanding.  You are invited to be involved in the exciting, enlightening and inclusive global festival - for little or no cost.  You'll discover more as you explore.

...And thank you, in the meantime, for just reading this editorial.

Why do you think as you do?

Considerate Awareness Magazine


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