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Please enclose a self-addressed return envelope and the appropriate amount of return postage, as Australian stamps or international reply coupons (available from post offices).

Some very important information

When making any sort of request on paper, you might like to consider providing some extra stamps, reply coupons or other resources. Your consideration will help to compensate for costs involved when printing and using paper, and for the use of someone's time and energy, so thank you.

If you also put your name and address on the back of envelopes, as well as on each piece of paper enclosed, that will be very useful indeed.  It will especially help the person receiving the post to know something about the contents before opening envelopes, making it easier to assess priorities.

Thank you for being considerate!

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You are very welcome to make contact by email if your message is relevant to the content, structure and/or business model of Considerate Awareness Magazine (and the answers you seek have not already been published on any of the main pages).

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Most questions already answered within Considerate Awareness Magazine will not be answered again through Twitter.  Please send a letter or email if the information you seek is difficult to find here.  Your correspondence should state which pages of the magazine you have already viewed.

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