How you can help to improve

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There are probably many ways this magazine can be improved.  Your comments on the literary, philosophical, aesthetic, scientific and/or technical aspects are especially welcome, as indicated below.

I have deliberately developed Considerate Awareness Magazine without the assistance of others, mainly to ensure that the ideas expressed here are my own.  Your ideas about improving my work will always be gratefully received and appropriately acknowledged.  In view of this, your suggestions on such gratitude and acknowledgement should be made clear when you make contact.


Spelling errors, grammatical errors, typographical errors, confused logic, ideological language, clumsy explanations, inelegant phrases, and any other editorial oversights within Considerate Awareness Magazine are purely of my own making - I am only human.   

Please help me to improve my literary abilities by sending a general enquiry, with Editing Considerate Awareness Magazine in the subject line.  If you have read my book, you will know that I often treat editorial activities as a collaborative venture.

You might also like to enquire about editing C A Maggi books.


If you are a professional philosopher, social researcher, historian, scientist or scholar of any description, perhaps the most appropriate starting point for contacting me is here if you wish to do so by email, or here if you wish to do so by post.


Beauty is often a subjective experience so the main purpose of my request here is to improve the on-screen presentation of my words.  If you find that anything is difficult to read here, or distracts from your ability to reflect upon ideas, please let me know by sending a general email message, with Beautiful Experiences written in your subject line. 

The colours at Considerate Awareness Magazine change from time to time to make the presentation more interesting, especially for regular visitors - and for myself.  I like visual variety from time to time as it tends to stimulate my creativity.


reporting broken links  |   providing technical advice

With very little knowledge of computers, especially of software, computer jargon and the design of web pages, I have managed to set up this website through a long process of trial and error over several years.  I have done so mainly without a broadband connection, especially as I wish to keep this website accessible to people who do not have access to the latest software and hardware, and know even less about digital technology than I do.

1. Sharing awareness of broken links or inaccessible pages

Please inform me of any link in Considerate Awareness Magazine that is not working properly.  I would also like to know if you have problems loading or viewing any of the pages here.

Please write to my general enquiry address, with Technical Difficulties in your subject line.  Thank you.

2. Sending non-commercial technical advice

Although I do not accept commercial offers of technical assistance from unsolicited sources, any free advice would be most welcome, especially if you are also a participant in the global conversation

If you have read my book, too, your support for the development of Considerate Awareness Magazine would be most appreciated. 

The more complicated technical aspects of this website are more likely to be explored in the special-access sections.  For more details about viewing those pages, you might like to read the information about passwords.

For highly technical email messages, your subject line needs to read Considerate Assistance and the message sent to the "improve" address at  I am especially interested in hearing from people who know about linux, cgi, sql, https and various interactive website features and services.

Please keep technical jargon to a minimum, or at least provide an interpretation in plain English, with clear definitions, examples and suggestions.

3. Discovering other options and opportunities for the technologically minded

Do you provide internet or web development services on a commercial basis?  If so, you may like to become one of the sponsors of the International Essay Competition about considerate democracy.  More information about the competition will be found within the open-access travel areas of Considerate Awareness Magazine.  If a link does not work on your way there, please let me know!

You are welcome to contact me today.

Last updated by C A Maggi in July 2010