Training in and for a Culture of Consideration


The main purpose of the first level of stage two of training is to ensure that students have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the main public content of Considerate Awareness Magazine.

Stage two may be useful especially to people who are considering submitting manuscripts for consideration through the C A Maggi book publishing service, and for those who wish to use C A Maggi's independent consultancy services. 


Stage two of training is essential for anyone wishing to use this website for teaching or training purposes.  A process of licensing is mandatory for all educational purposes, whether for academic, corporate or private activities.


Once you have explored the open-access travel areas of Considerate Awareness Magazine, with the required free passwords, you may like to request training by writing to the main email address or by sending a letter.  The subject line of your email message should read Structured Training

Please include a brief statement of your personal and professional interests and requirements. These will be assessed (and re-assessed) throughout training, to ensure that your needs can be met in a mutually-agreeable, cost-effective manner. 

You are welcome to contact me today.

Last updated by C A Maggi in July 2010