Collaborative Research with C A Maggi


Would you like to consider becoming one of my mentors?  I am especially keen to hear from people who are proficient at the skills I hope to improve. 

There are probably plenty of people who know quite a lot more about considerate awareness and considerate democracy than I do, or at least have more knowledge about particular aspects of it.  Perhaps you are one of them, or know of someone who might be. 

There are also many opportunities for mutual mentoring through Considerate Awareness Magazine.  Find out more about them here.

I also offer mentoring to those who wish to enhance their own knowledge and awareness.  There is an introduction on the mentoring page.


I hope that you will really enjoy participating in the global conversation about humanity and considerate democracy.  This is my main collaborative research, involving anyone who wants to participate.  You will find some introductory information about it here.

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