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General media enquiries

It is easy to request specific information simply by writing Considerate Democracy in the News in your subject line and sending your email messages to the magazine's general enquiry address. 

To receive a quick response, you will first need to be at least familiar with the contents of the home page.  Preferably, you will also have visited most of the other pages of Considerate Awareness Magazine that do not require a password. 

Perhaps you may have read my book, and even reviewed it.  You may also be interested in participating in the *book club, especially if you are a reviewer.


A thorough understanding of my work will be required in advanced if you wish to interview me, perhaps after you have completed some structured training through the Virtual Academy of Considerate Democracy. However, I prefer not to be available in person or by telephone for the forseeable future as most of the information I wish to make public about myself and my work is already available through Considerate Awareness Magazine.

Publishing and syndication

To express an interest in the wider publication or syndication of any of my writings, please apply via the post office box address mentioned on the magazine's main contact page.  Your proposal should include a full description of your requirements and an outline of how I might benefit from meeting your request.

Latest media release

Receive an immediate, brief, one-off overview of the latest information about considerate democracy by sending a request to the "action" email address at  Please write Considerate Democracy in your subject line.  Thank you.

Media contact  |  Book publishing

A very brief summary of my work

See this by clicking here.

Media contact  |  Book publishing

Media awards

The Humanity Media Awards for Considerate Democracy have been announced annually through this website since 2006.  Learn more here.

C A Maggi's media policy

To receive a copy of my media policy, please send your request to the "aware" address at and write Media Policy in your subject line.  The policy should then arrive in your inbox in just a few moments.

Media contact  |  Book publishing


For a list of ongoing and upcoming events and activities about considerate democracy, please send your email to the "whatandwhere" address (as one word) at and write Considerately Democratic Events in your subject line.  You will then receive a one-off automatic message with the latest details.

Assisting my independent research

You might like to send a brief one-off message to my general enquiry address if you know of an important, relevant issue or event that may not yet have reached my attention.  I do not wish to be placed on any mailing lists, however.

You might also like to review my book.

You may also wish to promote, and participate in, the social and cultural activities outlined through this website.

My privacy policy is here.

And, of course, you are welcome to contact me today.

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