Assisting a Culture of Consideration

If you are wondering whether to send an email or write a letter

Letters have often reached me more reliably than electronic information.  I sometimes reply to letters more quickly than I respond to email messages (but usually only if the information that is sought is not available through a one-off automatic email reply, or by reading through the main pages of Considerate Awareness Magazine). 

If you do not have an email address, please mention the fact in your letters to me.  I am a very understanding person - I hope!

If you need a very quick response

Many of my one-off automatic responses provide plenty of information.  If you make requests through any of those addresses, you will receive immediate, concise responses, with facts that are not easily available within Considerate Awareness Magazine - or elsewhere.  And for your privacy, your details will not be placed on any mailing lists.

If you have followed the email instructions carefully and have still not received a response within four weeks

Something unpredictable might have happened to the email hosting service I use, or I may already have a full inbox when you send your message, or my computer might not be working properly, or my priorities could be elsewhere. 

If all else fails, please send a follow-up letter and return postage as there will probably be something wrong with my email service and I would appreciate your help in fixing it.

If you receive an inappropriate email

Unsolicited commercial emails and other dubious messages never originated from my computer.  Please be assured that I never send spam messages.  I really do not have the time, aggressive nature, malicious intent or technical expertise for that sort of thing.  I do not even have any sort of mailing list or database.  

If you have received a spam message from a address, please let me know - and I hope you will accept that it did not come from me.  I really appreciate being alerted to abuses of the domain name I own.  Thank you for your consideration!

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Last updated by C A Maggi in July 2010