Understanding People

The key to being considerately aware

by C A Maggi

Are you considerately aware?

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Each page along the magazine's linear link path aims to provide a fresh approach to the topic of considerate awareness, with changes in style to reflect changes in content.  This is mainly because consideration always requires recognition of diversity, both in the cultural and ecological senses.

How do you attempt to understand yourself and other people?

Explore the meaning of consideration

How do you apply a considerate understanding of ecology in your daily life?

If your experiences here so far have not been too overwhelming or challenging for you, especially after having visited the home page, and perhaps the travel page and a few others, too, then you are probably ready for the journey ahead.  Before continuing, you might like to reflect again on the content and structure of the magazine's home page.

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Understanding people

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Understanding human society

Questions for Consideration

1.  What is privacy and why is it important?

2. What are your priorities in life?

3.  What does it mean to be human?

Why do you think as you do?

Do you believe there is any reason
to hurry through these questions?

4.  What is the practical expression of goodness?

5. How do you contribute to the development of good policies?

6.  Which personal development tools do you use, and how do you share them?

Is understanding your greatest gift?

Do you enjoy exploring your own mind?

7. What does it mean to understand?

8.  What is the relationship between compassion and creativity?

9.  How would you share information about considerate awareness?

Is understanding your greatest gift?

Have you realised that
reflection is not
a competitive pursuit?

10.  Where are people who have the ability to answer at least some of the above questions?

11.  How might you improve your ability to answer the above questions?

12.  Why are these questions important?

Considerate democracy supports health, happiness and hope

Are you aware of your
responses to these questions?

Understanding life

Is it time for another break?

Before visiting the links from this page, it might be wise, as mentioned earlier, to have another relaxing break, to refresh yourself completely.  You may then feel better prepared to write down your own answers to many of the questions posed here, and on the home page, before going further.  Have you seen the editorial page, too?

A relaxing pause might also improve your ability to think in sensitively critical, compassionate and creative ways.  Will you be aware of the changes in your thinking?  How will you know?

Understanding considerate democracy

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