Understanding is the purpose of time and experience.

Some Philosophical Ponderings

with C A Maggi

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Understanding is the purpose of time and experience.

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Considerate democracy is the world's
most inclusive and intelligent consultancy process
and this is reflected in the global conversation

Participation in the global conversation, and considerate democracy, is open to just about everyone, everywhere (including those who have never seen this website, may never have seen a computer, do not speak English and might not even be able to read).

Thinking about considerate democracy

Documenting the historical basis of

considerate democracy

I am currently putting together a brief history of considerate democracy.  A broader and deeper understanding of the past not only helps us to understand the present, it is also a key part of planning for a successful future. 

Through the book club mentioned on the travel page, you will also discover more about my writing and publishing activities, and about my ongoing search for interesting ideas and examples from many types of people.

Thinking about considerate democracy

An accessible and inclusive approach to
considerate democracy

Even if you do not wish to participate in the book club, I would like to hear from you.  If you have the ability to write about considerate democracy, or know of someone who has, so much the better.  My own work is just a starting point. 

You may even like to send in an essay for the annual international competition I sponsor.  All essays received, whether prizewinners or not, will go into the considerate democracy archive for the benefit of future generations.

I would particularly like to know more about
considerate democracy in all sorts of real-life situations,
and especially about what YOU are doing

art and life

Considerately democratic reflections

You might find it helpful to review your understanding of considerate democracy.  You can do so quite easily by clicking each of the links in the multi-coloured boxes near the beginning and end of the magazine's home page from time to time. 

You may also wish to reflect again on the questions presented on the home page, and on page two along the linear link path.
  This approach might also provide a few insights into the importance of having a multi-focal perspective on life.

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Thinking about considerate democracy

Other people's writings

As mentioned above, I am very keen to hear your views.  One of the ways in which I encourage people to learn about - and write about - considerate democracy, is by developing my role as an independent publisher of books and online resources on the subject. 

If you have a manuscript that you think may be suitable for publication in book form, and you would like to have it assessed, please first send a short essay into the competition I have already introduced.

You'll learn more about the essay competition during your visits to camaggi.com, and about how to have a longer manuscript published in book form.   You may even consider reading my own book!

Thinking about considerate democracy

More reflections

You may now like to reflect on the features that you consider to be part of a good society, while also gaining a few insights into how considerate and democratic your own views might be.  Are you interested in developing a deeper understanding of how you and other people think and act in daily life?

Do you believe that understanding is the purpose of time and experience?


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