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If you wish to link to another page of this website, please contact the editor beforehand.

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When choosing to make a link, whether reciprocal or not, the editor considers whether viewpoints are:

  • Compatible with the aims of this online magazine, and
  • Support the editor's intellectual development and general well being

If the editor likes a website very much, it may receive more than one free link.

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Considerate Awareness Magazine supports individuals, groups and organisations expressing:

  • A friendly and helpful approach
  • A communication style incorporating both a rational and uplifting attitude to life, and
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Send an email or letter, including the reasons for your link, and some directions on how to find the link in your website.

When making *informative  reciprocal links, the editor likes to choose websites that are conducive to good thinking, harmonious relationships and healthy living.


Wait and see what happens.  It usually takes some time for the editor to consider whether to make a reciprocal link, especially when the contact person has not yet completed the first two levels of the course about considerate democracy.
3. Reciprocal interactive think links

How to request one

Please participate in the opportunities introduced throughout Considerate Awareness Magazine if you would like an *interactive reciprocal link to your website. 

See an overview of opportunities here.

4. Non-reciprocal thinking well think links

How to request one

With an open-access travel password, you will find your way to some useful websites the editor has chosen to link to Considerate Awareness Magazine on a non-reciprocal basis. 

Unless your website is for a library or bookshop, or you provide sponsorship of either the international essay competition about considerate democracy or the global perpetual festival of literacy and understanding, and/or you are unwilling to pay for advertising here, you might have more success requesting a reciprocal link with Considerate Awareness Magazine than a non-reciprocal one.

If you have never heard of the competition or festival before, please click here.

Free promotion for your library or bookshop

If you are a regular retailer of C A Maggi books, you are welcome to have one or more non-reciprocal links from this website, free of charge.

*Booksellers of either new or used books do not even need to have a website for their contact details to be listed in the links directory.  The *book club pages will mention the street address and telephone number of your shop. 

You may also like to consider becoming a sponsor of the essay competition or a festival event.

*Libraries with copies of C A Maggi publications in their collections are linked through the book club, too.   Please contact the editor of Considerate Awareness Magazine if you know of a library's website that may appropriately be linked from this one.  Thank you.

How to be a sponsor of publishing, literature and/or literacy

Support Excellence in Publishing

Any individual is welcome to send a sponsorship proposal to support the production and publication of a future book with the C A Maggi imprint, and/or an article in this magazine.

A link to recognise your assistance can appear in a yellow box, as in the example below.

When you make contact, please specify whether your assistance is towards online publishing or book publishing.  Thank you.

Provide Anonymous Assistance

Donations (even anonymous ones) to support the editor's own development as a writer and publisher are appreciated and you are welcome to provide anonymous assistance if this is your preference.

Becoming a patron and/or mentor rather than a sponsor

To discuss this, please send an email.

Corporate/institutional sponsorship

Although C A Maggi does not accept institutional, government or corporate sponsorship/subsidies for publishing, it is possible for organisations to publicly sponsor the promotion of literature and literacy as follows:

Support excellence in non-fiction literature

Help to sustain and expand the international essay competition about considerate democracy by providing one or more prizes, and/or some administrative or promotional support.  If you also enter the competition, you might be asked to become a judge in future years.

Once your sponsorship arrangement is accepted, your contribution can be recognised, as in the turquoise example below. 

Support functional literacy and thoughtful reading

Identify appropriate events and activities, anywhere in the world, that may become part of a global perpetual festival of literacy and understanding.    Whether you are acting as an individual or reprresentative of an organisation, please provide the event/activity with some official sponsorship/support. 

Your contribution may then be recognised through Considerate Awareness Magazine, for just a small, negotiable fee.  Links to the official website of the event/activity you sponsor, and to the organisers, if they have a separate website, and of course a link to your own website in the box can be included.  See the bright green example below.

Please send all sponsorship proposals to the PO Box address listed on the magazine's home page.  And feel free to send a preliminary email to the editor if you require further information in the meantime.
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publishing sponsor

Your assistance towards the
publication of a
C A Maggi book or web article.

Your location and how you can be contacted.

An example of a

What you do, and the assistance you are offering towards the International Essay Competition about considerate democracy.

An example of a

literacy sponsor

The event you are supporting in the
Global Perpetual Festival of Literacy and Understanding with a link to the website of the event's organiser.

Considerate Awareness Magazine is a friendly and uplifting place to visit.

Apart from the simple links introduced on this page, there are no other advertising opportunities here, except for a few indirectly through Google. 

You might like to contribute to research, participate in training, write an essay, order a book, become a client, become a special correspondent, support literacy and understanding, make a donation, make a nomination for a media award, express your ideas about humanity and considerate democracy, and tell other people about this website.
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