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Main email address

It would be very pleasant to receive your general messages through this magazine's main email address, which is thinking (AT this web address ie.  The subject line usually needs to read "Considerate Awareness Magazine" for general message to be accepted and opened. 

Other possible subject headings (leading to faster responses) are listed elsewhere on this page.

To complete any email address,
the @ always needs to be followed with

There will be no automatically generated message in response to emails sent to the main address. Athough I will endeavour to contact you quite quickly, if I am very busy or on a retreat, there could be a delay of up to four months so please have patience.  You can always read the next paragraph for a quicker reply. 

Some of the information you require might be available immediately - through one or more of the other email addresses given on this page.  You are welcome to send as many appropriately directed messages as you wish, and even send a letter or two!



All you need to do is send your message to the firstaccess (as one word) email address at  You should then receive a one-off automatic reply, giving details of the procedure to follow. 

Alternatively, especially if you do not have an email address, you can always send a letter, as outlined on my home page, to request a password.

To find out more about passwords, please click here.

Theoretical framework

What is your philosophical starting point when considering social and political issues? 

To find out mine, just send an email to  start (at  You will then be sent a one-off automatic message providing a brief overview of the theoretical framework that I use.  It includes a basic explanation of how I avoid ideological thinking.

If you write Beginning Research in your subject line, you may also receive a personal, follow-up response.  The account I give is written for a general audience, not for academic specialists.

My theoretical framework will be explored in more detail through the structured training course on considerate democracy.

Responding to issues

Several email addresses are mentioned elsewhere in this magazine, mainly in the open-access and special-access areas.  Those addresses are on pages devoted to particular topics, so please follow the instructions when you arrive there.

In your explorations, you will find out about online forums hosted here, and about a wide range of other learning opportunities.  You can always contact me with a general enquiry if there is any topic that especially interests you that is not adequately covered elsewhere the magazine, or through the external links provided in the areas requiring a password.

Improving this website

There are many ways to help me improve this website.  Please click here for some easy things to do.

Obtaining copies of
Travelling at the Speed of Life

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To read Travelling at the Speed of Life, make a request through your local library or bookshop, no matter where you live.  If you have been unable to place an order after trying at least three possible sources, please contact me and I will endeavour to assist you.

Just send your message to the main email address, with a clear account of the difficulties you have experienced.  Write Travelling at the Speed of Life in your subject line to ensure you receive a quick reply.

Alternatively, help to raise funds for my publishing and research work by bidding for a copy of the book in the online auctions that happen through this online magazine from time to time.  The book is a limited first edition and you can bid for signed and unsigned copies.  If you have a successful bid, you will receive your copy by registered post, wherever you may be.


I welcome all trade enquiries on paper and online, from anywhere in the world (I hold the worldwide publishing and distribution rights for the book).

Please write "order for books" on envelopes and the subject lines of emails to attract my immediate attention.

For emails, write to the special ordering address: being (at

If you are a specialist bookseller of new or used limited first editions, you may like to participate in the online auctions through this magazine.

Requesting structured training

Stage one training |   Stage two - level one  |  Stage two - level two

Stage one - self-guided.  No enrolment required

The first stage of training is self-guided, using this website.  It is mainly free of charge and no enrolment is required (except for people needing some additional guidance before embarking on the second stage).  Learn more here.

Stage two - level one enrolment

Once you have completed stage one, in either a structured or unstructured way, stage two may be an option for you, especially if you wish to use this website to teach in any way.  Learn more about stage two here.

Stage two - level two enrolment

You will discover more about this during the first level of stage two. 

Other email addresses  |  Home page   |   Ordering books

Making nominations for the
Humanity Media Awards

Please write Humanity Media Awards in your subject line and send your message to the main email address.  Include some indication of why you think your nomination is worthy of consideration, and provide a brief outline of what humanity and considerate democracy mean to you.

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Your answers to my questions

Considerate Awareness Magazine asks many questions, mainly to encourage each visitor's own philosophical reflections.

I would especially encourage you to enter the international essay competition about considerate democracy.  Explore this magazine to find out more.

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Your questions about the essay competition

Much of this website, at least in these public pages, is aimed at encouraging people to develop their English comprehension skills.  Literacy is more than being able to understand individual words.  Language only has a shared meaning if it is accurately communicated and interpreted.

Perhaps the above paragraph has even given you some ideas for an essay about considerate democracy!  Have you scribbled a draft yet?

If you ever feel confused about the content of Considerate Awareness Magazine, and you have explored this website for several hours already (preferably for no more than one hour per day), then please send a message to the main email address with request for help in your subject line.  Would you be interested in structured training?

If you are having difficulty understanding information here, maybe some remedial literacy or English language training would be useful to you.  Although I am unable to provide such services personally, your local library or government's education deparment should be able to point you in the right direction.

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Links to and from this website

Links near the top of this page

An important purpose of Considerate Awareness Magazine is to encourage connections between people who have similar values and interests.  Web links are an essential aspect, so please send some suggestions for suitable links to and from  For more details, click here

Assisting considerate
media representatives

For members of the media, and for anyone else who would like to communicate information about considerately democratic activities, there is a page especially to help you here.

Learning about your research

Regardless of your speciality or expertise, if you have amateur or professional research interests that may coincide with mine, please let me know about your work. 


You can introduce yourself and your work by sending a brief email to the main email address, with Considerate Research in the subject line. 

If there is information online about your research, and about your career, please provide some website links in your message, too.  A few words about your interest in my research would also be appreciated.

To learn about collaborative research opportunities, please click here.

Hearing from policy analysts

Do you work as a professional policy analyst, whether salaried or self-employed?  If so, please contact me through the general enquiry email address. 

To ensure that you receive a response, write Policy Analysis in your subject line.  Thank you.

I would welcome an overview of the techniques you use in your work, a summary of your training, achievements and experiences - and an indication of what you aim to achieve in the future through your non-ideological policy work. 

You might also like to consider sponsoring an event, becoming a patron or mentor, and you are especially welcome to participate in the global conversation. 

You may even know of people who might like to engage me as a consultant.

Your comments about the future of
independent, non-fiction book publishing

How should information about considerate democracy be expressed and shared?  Is it possible to publish books on the topic independently, especially for a wide, general audience?

You may have already explored the pages here about my own book publishing endeavours.   You may also have read the discussion pages about the future of book publishing.

I'd be very interested to hear your views.  Just write Book Publishing in your subject line and send a message to the main email address. Thank you.

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Your involvement in promoting considerate democracy

There are many ways to promote considerate democracy, the main one is to be considerate and democratic yourself.  There are no organisations to join or membership fees as these exclude those who are non-members.

Considerate democracy is an inclusive social phenomenon, based on putting facts before assumptions.  On the other hand, ideological democracy, like other forms of political expression, put assumptions before facts.  Do you know the difference between facts and assumptions?

Considerate democracy is not based on an ideology.  That is another reason why there are no official bodies to control it. 

To ensure that I continue my independent research, and my writings, you may wish to support the various initiatives I outline below.  Respecting my copyright would be appreciated, too.

You may also know of a book or other publication that may assist my understanding of considerate democracy.  If you can donate a copy, that would be especially wonderful.

Just send an email to the main address to make suggestions, offers or give insights.  If you write the word library in your subject line, that would be appreciated.

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Sponsorship opportunties


There are two main forms of sponsorship you may like to consider.  Find out more about them here.


The advertising possibilities for sponsors are outlined here.

The promotional and public relations possibilities are endless!


In view of the formal nature of sponsorship, please send your proposal to:

  The magazine's PO Box address

Becoming a patron of my research

Contributing resources to support my independent social research can take many forms, and not just financial.  If you are interested in helping to sustain my efforts, you are very welcome to offer material and/or non-material assistance. 

For more information on being a patron, please click here.

You may also have the skills to become one of my mentors.


You may have noticed that there are very few advertisements in this website.  For the  advertising opportunities that are offered, please see the links policy.

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There are many free resources offered through this online magazine.  Fees and charges are kept to a minimum to ensure the accessibility of information here. 

In much of my work, I try to assist a very wide range of people.  Please consider making a donation to reflect the value you place on Considerate Awareness Magazine.

As I am not an organisation, your donation will not usually be a tax deductable expense for you, though I greatly appreciate direct financial support for my activities.  Perhaps you would like to send a general email to discuss this further. 

Donations should be made payable to C A Maggi (and you will receive a receipt).

Are you also interested in becoming a mentor?

Are you also interested in becoming a client?

Are you also interested in offering some official patronage?

Are you also interested in advertising in this website?

Are you also interested in purchasing a copy of my book?

Are you also interested in participating in training?

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Becoming a client

The first step towards becoming a client of my independent consultancy servicesis to gain a thorough familiarity with the publicly-available pages of this online magazine.  The home page is just a starting point.  When you think you are ready to become a client, please click here.

Becoming a mentor

If you have visited the introductory mentoring page, you will know that I personally provide mutual mentoring, unilateral mentoring, and that I am continually searching for people who might like to be my mentors, of whatever variety.  I enjoy improving my knowledge, skills, connections and life experiences.  How about you?

You may be able to help improve my research, educational and policy activities, my writings, and various other aspects of thinking and communicating.

You might even consider becoming a patron, too.

Please say "hello" through the main email address
and write Mentors in your subject line

Have your say in
the global conversation

Whatever your point of view on humanity and considerate democracy, your philosophical ideas are important. 

Have you any nominations for the humanity media awards

Why do you think as you do?  Please express your views!  Just write Global Conversation in the subject line of your email message and send your comments to the main email address (or postal address).  Thank you.

Time limitations mean that I am usually only able to respond to most messages of this type on an individual basis if they are from special correspondents.  To become one yourself, find out more here.

If you do not wish to become a special correspondent, you will usually receive a personal response if you write to the magazine's postal address.  It can be found on the home page, along with a notes on how to ensure you will receive a reply.

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Understanding is the purpose of time and experience.

Thank you for taking

an interest in this magazine

If you are awaiting a reply to an email message... will usually receive a response within a reasonable time (8-10 days in most circumstances).  Please don't feel that you are being deliberately ignored if you are still waiting after 21 days, especially as I'm usually the only one to read the emails received by the magazine.  I endeavour to respond in a timely and informative way to all genuine messages. 

You may like to carefully read the instructions again, from the top of this page, to ensure that you have accurately followed the procedures for sending a message (and for receiving one in return).

Learn more about communicating in a considerate way, here.

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  • policy analysts of every description
  • people who wish to support considerate democracy by sponsoring an essay competition or other celebratory activity, and
  • those delightful people who are considering becoming patrons, clients and/or mentors - the considerate visionaries of this world.

I am constantly looking for people
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