Ponderings on Book Publishing, by C A Maggi


1) Is there a future for new non-fiction books in physical formats?

With millions of websites and blogs in the world, and so much information online that was once only found in books, is there still a place for the printed page? 

What is the future of non-digital books, especially non-fiction books?  Is there still a role for book publishers and editors, and if so, what should that role be?

2) Is it still possible to sustain unsubsidised, independent non-digital book publishing?

Challenges include the effort that needs to be taken to prepare contents for presentation on paper, the costs involved in striving for excellence in editing, designing and printing, and the physical and economic challenges of marketing and distribution.

3) Is online publishing the way of the future?

The desire of many readers to pay low prices for physical books can often mean that the cheaper alternative of online publication is the only viable option for many small publishers today, especially with so many voices competing for attention.

4) Why are some physical books still important?

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