Art Compassion Creativity Hope
What are the characteristics of a good artist?

What are the characteristics of an artist who is good?

Is there a link between a good society, great art and considerate democracy?

* Philosophy and Art
Do great artists usually express compassion?  Why do we need art?  Why is art important?

How do you creatively express compassion? 

Would you like to write
about your artistic experiences?

Reflect upon an example of artistic expression
What is creativity?  Is it possible to be creative without destroying something of equal value in the process?

What is compassionate creativity?  What is creative compassion? 

Why is it important that considerately democratic people should try to answer these questions?

How would you express
considerate democracy through your own creative endeavours?

Why is an understanding of *symbols and symbolism important?

Have you reflected upon your cultural experiences,
while exploring this online magazine?
Communication Philosophy

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